Board of Selectmen

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The Board of Selectmen is made up of five members who serve for three-year terms. The Board of Selectmen is the executive body of the Town of Rowley. The Board of Selectmen is responsible for setting administrative policies of the Town and for preparing and issuing town meeting warrants. The Board of Selectmen appoints the Town Administrator. The Town Administrator provides professional assistance to the Board of Selectmen and implements town policies.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Deborah M. Eagan Town Administrator
Amy Lydon Assistant Town Administrator
Natalie Lovett Assistant Town Administrator
Elaine Pagliarulo Administrative Assistant
Frank Marchegiani Regulatory Compliance

Board Members

Name Title
Clifford Pierce Chairman
Joseph Perry Vice Chairman
Deana M.P. Ziev Clerk
David Petersen Selectman
Robert Snow Selectmen