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The mission of the Rowley Conservation Commission is to implement the goals of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (M.G.L Chap. 131, Section 40) and the Town of Rowley Wetlands Protection Bylaw. The Commission serves to protect and conserve the wetland resources of the Town of Rowley and the plants, animals and natural communities that are dependent upon them. This is accomplished by regulating activities deemed by the Conservation Commission as likely to have a significant or cumulative effect upon the values of these resource areas, including public or private water supply protection; groundwater protection; flood control; erosion and sedimentation control; storm damage prevention; water pollution control; fisheries, shellfish, aquaculture; wildlife and plant species and habitat protection; agriculture; and recreation or aesthetic values. Additionally, the Rowley Conservation Commission manages all Town conservation lands in order to protect and sustain these natural ecosystems for current and future generations to use and enjoy.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Brent Baeslack Conservation Agent
Deborah Cunningham Conservation Secretary

Board Members

Name Title
Daniel Shinnick Chairman
Samuel Streiff Vice Chairman
Robert Garner Member
Judy Kehs Member
Howard Vogel Member
Howard Terrien Member
Jena Haag Member