Shellfish Constable

Mission Statement

The Rowley Shellfish Department's mission is to protect the public from contact with any shellfish that may carry contamination and to strive to provide clean sustainable shellfish for the residents of the Town of Rowley.

This mission is accomplished by working with the Town of Rowley Shellfish Rules and Regulations and in agreement with The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Conditional Management Plan.

Rules and Regulations

Any questions regarding the bylaws or the agreement can be answered by calling The Rowley Shellfish Constable.


All of the Town of Rowley's shellfish flats are located in Area N4 and it's sub units.


Closures of the flats in Area N4 are posted on the front door of the Town Hall and on the shellfish bulletin board at the Town Landing.


Staff Contacts

Name Title
Travis Kneeland Shellfish Constable

Board Members

Name Title
Rachel Dailey Commissioner
Ronald D. Kneeland Commissioner
Paul L. Lees Commissioner